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Adenium Obesum

The Adenium is also known as the desert rose. The plant differs itself from other because of its big trunk in combination with the colorful flowers. The Adenium can be crafted or is from seedlings. The difference between seedlings and grafted are the colours and the amount of flowers. When the Adenium receives the care that is needed. The trunk will always be growing. However the cultivation and the whole process from the Adenium is difficult. The Adeniums needs a lot of attention.

After being nurtured in the greenhouse, the Adenium is ready to be sold. After a dark transport, the Adeniums tend to have yellow leaves. Don't worry, when you the Adenium is placed in the sunlight he will recover. Another option is to cut the Adenium completely. With the right weather conditions the Adenium can have a bush within in a week. The big trunk keeps on growing. The best way to grow and to nurture Adeniums is:

- Repot the Adenium in a bigger pot or in the ground.
- Place the Adenium on a place with a lot of sunlight.
- The plant doesn't need a lot of water, it's a desert rose.

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